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GMAC Announces Enhancements to the GMATTM Online Exam and acceptance of the Aadhar card as a valid ID proof

GMAC Announces Enhancements to the GMATTM Online Exam and acceptance of the Aadhar card as a valid ID proof 

  • Candidates to get the same flexibility and control at home as the test center.

India, June 05, 2021 –The Graduate Management Admission CouncilTM (GMACTM), the administrator and owner of the Graduate Management Admission TestTM (GMATTM),has introduced enhancements to the GMAT online exam last month.Now candidates have more choice and flexibility to bring their best on test day, and confidently meet their business school goals. 

The enhanced online experience further aligns with the test center exam with the following features added: 

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). Demonstrate writing and critical thinking skills with the addition of the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section.

Select exam section order. Candidates can choose which section order to take the exam in.

Two 8-minute optional breaks. Candidates will have the option to take advantage of two breaks to prepare themselves for the next section of the exam.

View unofficial score immediately. Unofficial scores will be displayed on the screen after exam completion so they can plan their next steps.

Schedule GMAT™ online exam appointments up to 6 months in advance. Candidates will be presented with GMAT™ online exam appointments on a rolling 6-month basis.

Candidates can learn more about the enhanced GMAT™ online exam at

Joy Jones, Chief Product Officer and General Manager Assessments said, “We believe that test takers should have the ability to choose how they test to bring their best on exam day. Our ongoing enhancements to GMAT online exam help to ensure the options are consistent regardless of where a candidate prefers to test. We’re focused on providing the flexibility and support to address long-term needs of schools and test takers. As we continue to adjust to uncertainties of the new norm, our online exams become a vital standard option, providing test takers with the confidence to test in a test center or online to meet business school application needs.”

Aadhaar Card now accepted 

Candidates in India willnow have the choice to validate their identity using their Aadhaar Card OR passport during the GMAT™ online exam registration process as long as the Card is current and valid.For the test center version of the GMAT exam, the passport remains as the only acceptable ID. The Aadhaar, is only available as an alternate ID for the online version of the GMAT exam.

Mr. Gaurav Srivastava, Regional Director - South Asia, GMACTM said,” In order to provide more flexibility and easier access to candidates for the Enhanced GMAT online exam, we have introduced the Aadhaar, as an acceptable form of ID. Through this new feature several thousands of Indian candidates living in remote areas will find it easier to use their Aadhaar ID and appear from virtually anywhere for the online exam.” 


The Graduate Management Admission Council™ (GMAC™) is a mission-driven association of leading graduate business schools worldwide. Founded in 1953, GMAC creates solutions and experiences that enable business schools and candidates to better discover, evaluate, and connect with each other. 

GMACTM provides world-class research, industry conferences, recruiting tools, and assessments for the graduate management education industry, as well as tools, resources, events, and services that help guide candidates through their higher education journey. Owned and administered by GMAC, the Graduate Management Admission Test™ (GMAT™) exam is the most widely used graduate business school assessment; GMACTM also owns and administers the NMAT by GMAC™ (NMAT™) exam and the Executive Assessment (EA). BusinessBecause and The MBA Tour are subsidiaries of GMACTM, a global organization with offices in China, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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